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Life is tricky to balance. Sometimes we feel lost emotionally whether it's a life transition, a challenging relationship, or a career crossroads. Sometimes we feel disconnected from our bodies: eating too much, eating too little, not eating enough of the healthy stuff. And, sometimes we can't seem to find the motivation to take care of ourselves. We don't prioritize exercise or we think we "can't". And, when all three of these areas in our lives feel out of balance, well, that's a recipe for short-term struggle and long-term consequences.

What's holding you back? Discover the key to unlock your potential.

Be the best you, you can be

"As a nutritionist, Leah taught me about the value of healthy eating, leading to a more vibrant lifestyle and the weight loss I desired. The tools she used and her encouragement at each session made the difference that other weight loss programs had not offered. It's been a privelege to have Leah as my counselor for the last several years. Her guidance helped me immensely as I traveled through a very difficult time in my life. Her skills in each role are excellent, based on sound knowledge and understanding of psychotherapy and nutrition..." - Toni    Read more...

​Psychotherapy • Nutrition • Personal training

Leah's guidance helped me immensely