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My approach

I graduated from Colorado State University School of Social Work in 1998 and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. If you do the math, I have over 15 years of experience in the field. I have worked in medical settings, oncology, family medicine, non-profits and always in private practice.

yes, I am a psycHotherapist

Well, you can probably already tell that I use humor to lighten the heaviness. I'm very human and you will see that when I'm with you. I believe in the Art of Listening. That being said, I also believe in problem-solving. You are hiring me to help you find some sort of clarity in your life situation. So, just being a good, caring listening is not enough in my book. But, problem-solving and offering solution without getting to know you is presumptuous. I will work hard to earn your trust. It's only then we can partner to find the way through the muck and come to that place where you find it easier to breathe.

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The non-politically correct way to describe me is "I'm a Shrink." Now, I'm not making light of being a therapist. To the contrary, I'm proud of claiming this profession. As a matter of fact, I believe we should all be in therapy at some point (maybe many points) during our lives. Life is glorious and life is hard. It's filled with joy and pain and constant change. Feeling lost, sad, depressed, anxious, lonely even crazy is NORMAL. Hey, but, you don't have to be suffering. Reach out, Ask for help. It works.