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Fort Collins Nutrition Counseling
Fort Collins Nutritionist

I was a Nutritionist before I became a Psychotherapist. I have always been a science nerd and thought I was going to go to medical school. Instead, I became fascinated with how our diet affects our health: both in the creation and prevention of disease.

my philosopy

I'm a science nerd and that being said, I base all of my nutrition education/counseling on evidence-based research. Data is far from being the truth and the field of nutrition is far from being easy to understand. It's filled with "quacks and snake-oil sellers". Even more reason for me to lean on the scientific method to help my clients make informed decisions about their diet. I focus on simple, easy to implement nutrition guidance. No crazy diets from me!


Nutrition Counseling
Meal Planning
Resting Metabolic Rate Measurements


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor's and Master's in Nutritional Sciences in 1991.

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