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Fort Collins Therapist

"It's rare in life you meet someone who really, truly, deeply "gets" who you are and what you aspire to be. I was in a lot of pain when I started working with Leah, and it was through her deep understanding, ability to be honest and real, and great listening/feedback techniques that I was able to learn and grow and come back to what I felt was my real self, as opposed to the broken person I had been before meeting her. It allowed me to open up again and chase my dreams, and I am so thankful for having met her." - Jonathan

"I’ve looked for a good therapist for a long time, and finally I have found one. I feel like I’m “home.” It’s wonderful to work with someone who is so real with me. I don’t have to guess about what Leah thinking or doing, because she’s very open and direct. She makes practical suggestions and challenges me in a way that empowers me, and she’s also patient and understanding when I need help getting unstuck. I’m thankful that I found her. " - Karla

"I've been working weekly with Leah for over a year, and she's helped me achieve fitness goals I thought unattainable ten years post gastric bypass surgery. Her counseling expertise, combined with her fantastic personal training style, provides life changing support." - Donna

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